I studied at the University of Vigo, where I received the Ingeniero de Telecomunicación title in 2010 (Telecommunication engineering 5 year program); the M.Sc in Signal Processing Applications for Communications in 2012; and the PhD title in 2015.

I worked in the Information Technologies Group in University of Vigo, since 2010, later in Gradiant (Galician Research And Development center in Advanced Telecommunications), and later in the GTI again with a FPU grant for my PhD studies. Later I obtained a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship for my postdoctoral studies with University of Padova and I performed the outgoing phase of this fellowship as a post-doc in Stanford. Currently I have obtained a Beatriz Galindo Fellowship and work as a ‘Distinguished Researcher’ in University of Vigo, Spain.

My main research area are wireless communications and cooperative wireless networks in multiple asymptotical regimes such as ultra high density, very wide bandwith, massive MIMO, or large multiple-user heterogeneous populations. I have produced both theoretical and practical novel results in this area during my PhD. My main theoretical fields of interest are information theory, wireless networking, comunication theory, and system simulation.